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How to Change IMEI Number
October 4th, 2016 by admin

You will find out all about the new application known as APK IMEI Changer here.
This application is famous because it can be used to alter the unique 15 digit number which almost any modern mobile device posses.
And if you are wondering why it is important to know how to change the IMEI code then you should know that by doing this you will be able to remove the network lock and restrictions imposed by your current mobile operator.

How to Change IMEI Number?

There are several known methods which can allow the user to remove the network lock. However, in case you are not technically adept and you lack the mobile software knowledge, you may have problems hacking into the database of the operators to remove the lock.
Because the new APK IMEI Changer application is very simple to use and does not require technical knowledge, the users can easily modify the how to Change IMEI Number of their mobile phone and thus remove the restrictions and the SIM lock with ease.
In matter of fact with our application the entire procedure of modifying the code lasts several hours, and once it is completed, it removes the old IMEI code from any database where it was registered.

How to Change IMEI Number

Why use APK IMEI Changer

If you are having second thoughts or doubts on why you should use this amazing software tool then you ought to know that there is absolutely nothing to lose by downloading this program. You can find it online on our official webpage for free. No subscriptions and no fees to be paid. On top of that, the download is legal and safe, and you do not need to worry that you may be getting some illegal or malicious content.
The application is compatible with almost any mobile phone model and works perfectly.

In order to make sure that you will have no problems modifying and completely changing the IMEI code of your gadget make sure that you check out our online video tutorial and follow our step by step instructions.

  1. Visit our official web page and download the APK IMEI Changer application
  2. Once the installation is complete, launch the program
  3. When prompted enter the old IMEI code of your device, select the network carrier to which it is locked and choose the  year when the device was manufactures
  4. Press Change IMEI now
  5. Wait several hours

Once notified via email that the code is changed, you can try using different SIM card from different carrier. It should work because the old IMEI code will be removed from the database of the network carrier.

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iCloud Unlock
September 24th, 2016 by admin

If you have problem with the iCloud Unlock on your iPhone device, than the iCloud Unlock tool is the right solution for you. Though we had to wait a little bit longer for the right solution to emergy at least, now we are not oblige to go to Apple stores and wait while they Unlock the lock on our devices. Now we can do the job directly from our homes or from any other place with the help of this amazing tool, the iCloud Lock Unlock. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free and it works with all models of iPhones (iPhone 6 ,6+ 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and 4).
How it works?

iCloud Unlock

The iCloud Unlock tool was originally developed by two hackers and after its first release it was tested, improved and upgraded many times and now it is made to be compatible with all models of iPhones and furthermore, with all Apple devices, including iPod and iPad touch. This tool is extremely efficient and works 100%.
It functions in that way that it connects directly to the Apple’s database from where it Unlock the lock permanently. It is free and it is secure. No personal information and no money will be required from you.

Free instructions for using the iCloud Unlock Service

If you follow the instructions properly, you can be 100% sure that you will Unlock the lock on your iPhone. The instructions are very simple, and they are provided here:

  1. Download the iCloud Unlock Service the provided links
  2. Install it and run as Administrator
  3. Connect the PC and the device via USB cable
  4. Choose the iPhone model from the list
  5. Start the tool and wait while the initialization process is finished
  6. Your phone will automatically reboot
  7. Restore and Update your phone using the latest version of iTunes.

Just keep close to the instructions and you will iCloud Unlock the lock on your phone permanently. The instructions are very simple and can be completed by everyone, even if you don’t have any special computer skills. There is no need to wait and you should download this iCLoud Unlock tool immediately. Visit our website and download it for free. Leave your comment and share your experience with others. So far we have thousands of satisfied users who left their positive replies on our website. Be one of them!

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iCloud Unlock
September 3rd, 2016 by admin

On this special guide will find solutions for iCloud Unlock on iPhone 6S Plus SE 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 Apple devices. If you have a problem with iCloud Lock, than what you really need is iCloud Lock Unlocker. This tool was developed in order to help people solve the issue of having iCLoud lock on their favorite iPhones. This issue is really annoying since it restricts the access to your phone and it may be caused unintentionally. For instance, if you have bought your iPhone second hand, then the previous owner may not provide you with the right credentials for your device. Also, for some reason you may forgot the password of your device. Whatever the reason is, it causes many users to complain about having this issue.

The problem is that if you find yourself in this situation, then you don’t have many options to solve the problem. If you ask for Apple’s help, it will cost you a lot. And if you bought your phone second hand, than the professional service in order to unlock your device may cost you as you have bought another phone. Here is the perfect solution for you, that is the iCloud Unlock.

iCloud Unlock

Unlock iCloud Lock using iCloud Lock Unlocker for free

The iCloud Unlock Service is online software which was developed in order to help iPhone users who face problems with iCloud locks. It is safe and legal, and what is most important it is completely free. The links from which you can download it are available on our official website.

You will be provided with step by step instructions for how you should use the tool. It is very simple procedure which will not take you much time and will Unlock the lock on your device permanently.

First, you need to download the tool from our website. You should be careful because there many scammers that offer similar services. After downloading, unzip and install the tool and run as administrator. Then you will need to select the model of iPhone from a given list and provide the IMEI code of your device. And that’s all that is required from you. Them the whole process of unlocking is automatic. After completing the process, the tool will reboot your phone and you can then Restore and Update it using the latest version of iTunes. After completing all these steps, you can set the parameters for your phone as you like.

This tool is very popular among iCloud Unlock users, so we strongly recommend you to download and try it!

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